A downloadable game for Windows

Requires Oculus DK2 and Xbox controller to play
Comfort level: intense

Maquette is a short physics-based puzzle-platformer in VR, where you can manipulate the level by moving elements of it on a scale model.

The game features 10 levels and an infinitely looping level at the end, where the goal spawns on a random location.

This prototype was built in 3 days as part of an internship application.

Left Stick: movement / move object horizontally
Right Stick Horizontal: camera / rotate object
Right Stick Vertical: move object vertically
A button: jump / select object
B button: release object
Right Shoulder Button: run
Start: Recenter Camera

Esc: Exit game

Install instructions

Make sure you have the latest Oculus Runtime installed.
Download, unzip files and execute Maquette.exe


Maquette.zip 13 MB